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Thanks for stopping by. Have you seen my latest book?:) Really, it's quite good.
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I just wrapped preliminary recording for a new DVD with my publisher, Peachpit. This one is aimed at blending modes and adjustment layers for photographers, and you get to see me forget… um… demonstrate my favorite techniques right on your screen! Well, more precisely, you get to watch my Photoshop desktop and listen to me describe what’s going on while I work.

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PSPG October 2014In October’s issue of Photoshop User, I introduce you to Color Lookup Table adjustments, and show you the steps for creating your own. There is just a ton of potential for those who want to consistently color grade their work in Photoshop, whether you’re shooting a commercial series, editing video, or producing any other collection of images that need a uniform look.

If you’re not a subscriber, you can still find the print magazine in book stores and news stands all over. The October issue also has the annual Top 100 Photoshop Tips, which is usually worth the cover price all by its onesies :)

Photoshop User, October 2014

Well, I managed to screw up a little. When I was researching the name ‘Photoshop Workbench’, I didn’t do a very good job and only searched for clever social media shortcuts. That made me completely miss Mark S. Johnson’s long-running blog. I’ve contacted Mark and apologized; he was really cool about it and understood that me, being an idiot, might make such a mistake.

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I’m very happy to finally announce that I’m starting a new column in Photoshop User Magazine ( Photoshop Workbench!

Join me as I put Photoshop tools up on the workbench and tinker with their innards, figuring out how to use them and sometimes finding something new. Whenever possible, I’ll set up experiments that you can do for further exploration, and there will usually be a file you can download. Until you can get your latest issue, here’s a kick-off post from the Kelby Facebook page (and a little interview with me!):

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