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I’m very happy to finally announce that I’m starting a new column in Photoshop User Magazine ( Photoshop Workbench!

Join me as I put Photoshop tools up on the workbench and tinker with their innards, figuring out how to use them and sometimes finding something new. Whenever possible, I’ll set up experiments that you can do for further exploration, and there will usually be a file you can download. Until you can get your latest issue, here’s a kick-off post from the Kelby Facebook page (and a little interview with me!):

I recently recorded a short video using Wacom‘s Art Brush with my Intuos Pro. This one takes you through the initial effect and finishes with some painting that takes advantage of brush rotation in Photoshop CC.

Whatcha think?


ADIMLanternsI’m still processing a bit, but I just had to get some thoughts down on my recent trip to Boulder, Co for ADIM14. Lead by Russell Brown, this event is “off the hook”, if I may quote Wacom’s Wes Maggio. I had no idea what to expect going in, and now I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually attend one.

ADIM is a design masterclass. That means they presume you are already proficient in the tools and techniques, but want a creative and inspirational kick to bring various elements together. And I’m telling you now – this is one power-packed event. You should certainly show up with your A game, this is by no means competitive. In fact, imagine around a hundred of the best creative digital artists in the business getting together to collaborate, compare notes, and generally just revel in sharing knowledge. There is some optional stress to get your project completed on time, but that’s nothing new for many of us. And there’s no penalty for not finishing (except you don’t get to take home your lantern).

BetterThanEllenThe session that completely blew me away was Lisa Carney‘s sit-down on retouching. I’m now a fan. She burned through a lot of Photoshop information very quickly and kicked my ass. I’m going to be begging for her to contribute to my next book (if I’m lucky enough to write another).

When I showed up, I have to admit I was very intimidated. Some real rock stars attend this thing. But then you notice they’re all hanging out with everybody, setting up rooms, swapping stories, and mostly just being relaxed. After an hour or so, I got the picture; this is actually a creative retreat. This is a conference to get out of the rut of client demands and be set free on a project (or projects) to explore your own vision. There are just enough boundaries to keep you from spinning out of control, though.

OMGItsKostMost of the time, I sat at the back of the room and watched the screens come to life. Every person had a work station, and every person was doing their own thing. That’s not to say it was like a junior college class where everyone’s checking Facebook. Far from it. This is the kind of event where people don’t take notes; they fold in what they’re hearing into what they’re doing. They’re learning by taking the bits they didn’t know (or forgot about), and carving new neural pathways right then and there. Imagine session musicians who are already seasoned pros just swapping riffs and picking up new material live on stage. It’s that fast.

And people… when they say this is a master class, believe it. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Typekit, printing, typography, Japanese calligraphy, video, laser cutting, manual assembly, and half a dozen other elements all crammed into three days. Wow. Even the down time is usually spent trading ideas and being creative.

SoSeriousThe social aspect is not to be ignored, either. Walk around and say hi – it’s likely you will start chatting with people whose work you’ve admired or purchased, from movies to magazines to automobiles and scientific discoveries. And everybody’s nice. Really. When you have Mylar Geisha and walking nigiri, exactly how uptight do you think people can be? LunchTiniDateMoustache

Want some craziness on your Tuesday? Wacom is hosting a webinar with me on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014. This completely free event takes material from my latest book, The Hidden Power of Adjustment Layers and wraps it in experimental methods. Grab your goggles and stylus, and join me! Just register using the link below.

More details here:

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